Rim Electric Lock for Steel Gates


When ordering, please specify your choice.

Inward Opening Models:

11721-60-1 RH without button
11721-60-2 LH without button
11731-60-1 RH with button
11731-60-2 LH with button

Outward Opening Models:

11921-60-3 RH without button
1921-60-4 LH without button
11931-60-3 RH with button
11931-60-4 LH with button
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7 Reasons why you should choose a CISA rim electric lock

Latch Protection
When the door is closed, a patented deadlocking device makes it impossible for burglars to open the door by drawing back the latch.

Adjustable Closing Pressure
The removable copper-plated pin allows for adjustment of the pressure applied by the reloading-pin spring to suit door weight. This should only be performed on doors that are not vulnerable to attack.

Patented Adjustable Coil
The coil assembly ensures efficient lock functioning even when voltage is low, hence eliminating the problems deriving from drops in voltage on the electrical system. Tested at 4V AC.

Quick Wiring
A new type of terminal board allows for quick coupling of the electrical cables, doing away with traditional screw terminals.

The insertion of a protective barrier between the release armature and cable-hole area defies any attempt to illicitly open the lock.

Certain constructional features ensure greater resistance of the latch shank to impact and side pressure due to rebound when the door or gate is closed.

Attack Resistant
The new mounting cover plate and protective cylinder rose greatly improve the resistance to attack.
The mounting plate made from 4mm thick steel protects the top and underside of the lock from attack.
Whereas the protective cylinder rose protects the cylinder from being snapped or hit with blunt force.