MA Sigma Wide (Multi) WR (with Mifare/Desfire Card Reader)


MA Sigma (Multi) WR with Mifare card reader, Keypad and Biometrics

  •  Time & Attendance features
  • Tablet-like user experience
  • Videophone function
  • Anti-fraud: fake finger & duress finger
  • Full set of contactless technologies including NFC
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For many organizations, access control has a key role to play in the security of buildings, while time & attendance data is vital for HR applications, such as payroll and personnel management. The MorphoAccess SIGMA Series meets both these needs with a range of advanced fingerprint identification terminals.

‍Their modern design, including colour touchscreen, embedded web server and IP-based videophone functions, provides a tablet-like user experience allowing for a broad range of applications, customization and user interaction. IP651 rated, the readers can be deployed across multiple environments, either indoors or outdoors.

  • SIGMA Wide: Undoubtedly the most flexible fingerprint biometric scanner. With a 5” touchscreen, it is ideal for displaying content and promoting corporate branding.


  Time & Attendance features

●      Tablet-like user experience

●      Videophone function

●      Anti-fraud: fake finger & duress finger

●      Full set of contactless technologies including NFC

●      IP 65 Weather Resistant design available

●      Fast 1:100 000 identification

●      Backed by Ideco’s expertise and support

●      NFC(2) technology

●      Full smartcard Prox®

●      iClass®, MIFARE®, MIFARE® Plus

●      PIN and BioPIN(3) codes