Impro HCA930 Portal Application Controller (IPS)


  • Capacity: Can manage over one million credentials
  • Flexibility: Available in plastic or secure metal housing
  •  Power: 1GHz ARM cortex microprocessor


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Impro HCA930 Portal Application Controller (IPS) is a sophisticated Linux access controller providing robust, high-capacity off-line functionality.  Especially suited for high-traffic sites, each Portal Application Controller has the offline capacity to deal with up to 1 million tags.

  • HCA930 is housed in a steel IPS enclosure that includes a built-in Dc mains adaptor and space for a backup battery
  • HCA910 is housed in a tough ABS plastic enclosure suitable for wall mounting
  • RS485 Device port
  • Ethernet
  • Anti-tamper switch
  • up to 1 million tagholders
  • up to 64 doors per Portal IPS Application controller
  • 1 million transaction event buffer