Impro HCA910 Portal Application Controller (Plastic)


  • Capacity: can manage over one million credentials
  • Flexibility: available in plastic or secure metal housing
  •  Power: 1GHz ARM cortex microprocessor
SKU: HCA910-0-0GB
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Impro HCA910 Portal Application Controller (Plastic) is a sophisticated Linux access controller providing robust, high-capacity off-line functionality.  Especially suited for high-traffic sites, each Portal Application Controller has the offline capacity to deal with up to 1 million tags.

Impro HCA910 Portal Application Controller is an extension of the Access Portal hardware range, which is specifically designed for large sites, or sites with multiple buildings. The unit is able to provide unrivaled high-capacity offline functionality. In the event of a connection being lost to the server, the application controller is able to maintain an onboard transaction log of up to one million transactions. Once back online, the system automatically synchronizes
these actions to the server, to ensure a full audit trail and log.

  • HCA930 is housed in a steel IPS enclosure that includes a built-in Dc mains adaptor and space for a backup battery
  • HCA910 is housed in a tough ABS plastic enclosure suitable for wall mounting
  • RS485 Device port
  • Ethernet
  • Anti-tamper switch
  • up to 1 million tagholders
  • up to 64 doors per Portal IPS Application controller
  • 1 million transaction event buffer